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Healing Sound Title

You have the key to connect to your own power and reach your joy and your purposes.


Life exposes us to challenges we do not know how to deal with.Unconscious fears, doubts, false beliefs arise and prevent from reaching peace and joy.

Liberation comes through the  language of the heart which leads to self fulfillment.

This language is a conversation with your soul to let your power springs and express itself.
The alchemy between Lucie’s healing songs, Philippe’s hypno-meditation and the celestial melodies of Symphony Future,allows this journey of expansion and liberation.

Learning to love requires going out to meet yourself.

You have to change your reality in order to rise your creativity.

In the same way that you look at yourself in the mirror, so does your soul.

To heal  wounds and realign , you have to look at yourself and internalize yourself with authenticity. 

Reconnect to your divinity to reach your own reality !

Free all the power living in you, simply by connecting to your soul. Only some vibrations, sounds and voices lead to these divine resources.


Healing Sound Title

The Audio healing is :

Healing Sound Pack : peaceful stage

3 innovative healing audio files

Find the keys to your soul to transform your life in a lasting way.

Find the keys of your soul to transform your life in a lasting way.

A rebirth begins with a regeneration, comparable to a purification of the mind.

Self-esteem is learning to love yourself, by going to meet yourself . 
The best way to succeed is a deep conversation with yourself to let all your power springs.

Self-confidence requires a different view of events and a reactivation of your own creativity directly linked to your divinity.

Are you ready for this ?


Self Esteem

The "Self-Esteem" audio is a real awareness that will help you put an end to old patterns and give you keys to access freedom,. Each listen you make will bring you even closer to this feeling and to your inner self.
Self-esteem audio will allow you :


Self Confidence

To gain self-confidence, it is necessary to welcome experience from a new angle. By allowing yourself to be guided and transported to your own inner voice, you will be able to become fully aware that the loss of self-confidence is linked to false beliefs and apprehensions from your mind. At each play, you’re going to feel your heart vibration and finally transform your fears to love.

Self confidence will allow you to :


Healing Sound Regeneration

Rebirth begins with regeneration, a deep and restful sleep regenerating your cells, For your nights to be regenerating, it is essential to fall asleep peacefully, immersing yourself in deep relaxation and reconditioning the subconscious mind. Regeneration will allow you to : • Feel peaceful • Promote sleep • Reactivate vital energy and concentration

Healing Audio Sound


1. Download the audio file (Unzip)
2. Make yourself comfortable in a quiet place
3. Launch & Play the audio file (ideally with head phones)

Creators says
Healing Sound Pack
I am developing my energetic abilities (mediumnity, magnetism…) but also artistic ones like singing or dancing since childhood. My life mission is to connecting these worlds for the benefit of everyone. My specialty is the healing song.

Lucie Luminessence
Singer and Energetic Healer Composer

"The Healing song is the Voice of the Soul"

Symphony Future – Auteur Compositeur musiques électro pop orchestral
I'm a composer since 20 years. Compose & play with my piano is my passion, on several styles : Epic orchestral, Ambiant or even Electro. Music is the key to bring you emotions and open you to new worlds.

Symphony Future

"Music helps our mind to escape to other worlds"

I am Philippe, practising evolutionary and regression hypnosis. I am graduated from IIHS Canada and my goal / wish is to contribute to evolution and well-being of humanity.

Philippe Librero
Hypnotherapist, Writer

"A journey of the mind draws its emotional depth from the power of words"

Traditionnally, all over the world, whether there are Tibetan healing sounds, sacred Gregorian, Amazonian shamanic or even Pakistani healing sounds, the power of these sounds are therapeutic. Science, especially neuroscience can validate benefit musical effects.
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Healing Sound Pack

Healing Sound Pack
"Peaceful stage"

Healing Sound title

Healing Sound Pack : Digital HD files (instant download)

  • 3 healing sound files in High Definition Audio (instant download)
    •     – Self-esteem
    •     – Self-confidence
    •     – Regeneration
  • Unlimited Access (no subscription)
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