The Alchemy between healing and music

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I'm Lucie singer energetic healer and composer.

I am developing my energetic abilities (mediumnity, magnetism...) but also artistic ones like singing or dancing since childhood.
My life mission is to connect these worlds for everyone's benefits. My speciality is the healing song.
I help you transform your life by freeing your physical and emotional wounds, and by finding the answers to your questions.
Initiated in aura-therapy, magnetism, hypnosis, guidance, naturopathy, music therapy, family constellations, Reiki and Access bars, I can propose you a personalised accompaniment with a unique treatment.
For the past few years, I have been offering these treatments in my office, at home or through distance care (solely in French).
Since a few years now, I have also been writing and composing music. I had the honor of performing and composing orchestral pop music (film scoring, shows) and healing songs for albums designed to relax the body and mind (therapists, wellness centers...). I am also passionate about performing international popular songs in competitions or musical events.

My musical universe

From a young age, the vibration of music travelled through me and was to me a way to express myself.

Singing has imposed itself to me as a life-saving sound source. Music therapy, through healing vibrational songs that I lavish, soothes, liberates but most of all reveals a form of awareness. It is a beneficial pathway to reconnection with oneself.

To be more specific, mantras and sounds emanating from my vocal cords benefit energy circulation and allow access to new dimensions and individuals. Traditionally, on each continent of the world, whether it be the healing chant of the Tibetan monks, holy Gregorian songs, amazonian shamanic chants or even Pakistani chants, the power of the sounds they provide is used for therapeutic purposes.

Nature has given me a gift that I love to share with kindness and respect for everyone. I use this gift to perform music from various genres such as :
  • Relaxation for Wellness centers, therapy
  • Epic Pop orchestral / moovie and game soundtrack
  • International popular song

This harmony between a meditative music and healing song will bring you relaxation and deep escape.

Extract from Inside Music Album

      Atmosphere - by Lucie and Symphony Future

Revelation (epic orchestral music)

True Love is a Revelation.

Remember (orchestral pop balad)

This song was created for our lost angels.

Forever (orchestral pop)

This music is about mystical and unconditional love.

Galaxy Concert Live Youtube

Come and share with us a fleeting moment of live music (FR/EN). The Galaxy Concert is a unity of cosmic melodies, variety and healing songs.

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Lucie's voice made me feel so serene and happy.


Inside Music is an Amazing Healing Musical Journey. Lucie gave me Self Confidence, relaxation and happiness. Thanks for this moment.


Lucie is a multi-talented therapist. I've made vast improvement. I recommend it.


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